Porch privacy rules and regulations

Dear User;

If you have decided to use the Porch app, your privacy policy is described in this text you hereby agree.
We are committed to protecting the privacy of our Porch app users. This policy determines how the information received from the user is handled.
We will try to provide you with enough information so that you can make an informed decision about using the Porch services as well as some of the information received from you, such as your name, username and mobile number.

The information we store about you
We store some of your information, such as your name, username and mobile number. Of course, we only store information that we deem necessary to provide services to users.

Your information is stored on our secure servers and we will protect this data as an asset that must be protected to the maximum. All information related to your account is always kept confidential with us and we will never allow anyone other than you to access this information except in cases of legal and judicial requirements.
Porch users can use their account settings to make public or private short stories and videos, playlists, albums, content likes and more, creating a completely private space for themselves.


Photo / Media / File
Some sections and services, such as account settings, story, short video, content storage, and offline access, require the uploading of related content. So, this access is needed.
Camera / microphone
In some Porch services, such as Story, you will be able to capture images of yourself with your mobile phone camera. Accordingly, camera and microphone access are required.
Users agree not to use the services provided in the Porch to carry out illegal activities in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, contrary to Islamic law and contrary to the customs of society. The team of observers and content refiners will take these issues seriously if they see them.
Users undertake to register in the application only with their own mobile number. Otherwise, they are fully responsible to the beneficiary the owner of the mobile number, and Porch will be allowed to cancel the membership and account as soon as it becomes aware of this issue.
Any action by users that leads to material and moral damage to the reputation and credibility of the Porch, Users or other people is a violation of contractual and legal conditions, and the Porch reserves the right to block the account of the offending user and take legal action if necessary.
Any insult, ridicule or mockery of any social class or race in the Porch is prohibited and the Porch monitoring team will block the offender's account after deleting the content.
The monitoring team will continuously and daily monitor and refine the content uploaded by users and delete it if necessary. Moreover, if they conclude that the presence of any user can endanger the security and tranquility of other users for whatever reason, are allowed to block the user account or do not provide services temporarily or permanently.
The policies contained in this text are constantly reviewed and may change at any time. Updated versions of this text will be available on the Porch website. We always review and inspect the proper implementation of the provisions of this text through internal monitoring mechanisms.